It is the most popular Bleach Cream patronized by masses, Beauty Parlors and Salons in India and Abroad for its best quality and Micro Action Formula. Its application lightens the dark and obvious facial hair gently to blend with one’s own skin tone in just 15 mins. It gives clarity and radiance to face and body, while reducing sign on aging and uneven skin tone.

How to Use:

  • Wash the desired area to be bleached and pat dry.
  • Mix cream bleach and powder activator in 7:1 ratio. Stir it till powder gets completely dissolved.
  • Apply the mixture onto the desired area with the help of brush, covering hair completely.
  • Wait for 10 mins and check if hairs are not completely bleached, then reapply or wait for another 5 to 10 minutes then wash with cold water. Avoid using soap for few hours after bleaching.

Patch Test : Before using, always perform preliminary Patch Test to determine if you are or have become allergic sensitive to the product. Mix small quantity of cream bleach & powder activator according to accompanying directions and apply it to a small area of your inner arm (about one inch square). Wait for 10-15 mins & then wash with cold water. Wait for 24 hours, if redness or irritation appears, then do not use it. If skin appears normal then proceed with use.

Useful Instructions : Always perform Patch Test without fail 24 hours before each application. Mix cream bleach and powder activator in 7:1 ratio. Do not use, if you suffer from any skin related disorder, consult a doctor before use. Do not use cream bleach around eyes. Do not store the mixture for later use in anyway. It’s recommended to use cream bleach once in a month. It’s recommended to use moisturizing lotion after using cream bleach. Do not use it on children and keep it out of reach of the children.

Caution : Do not use immediately after a hot bath or shower, in a steam-filled room or over skin freshener. Open pores may create sensitivity. Do not use around eyes or in vaginal area. If bleach mixture gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with cold water thoroughly & may consult the doctor. Do not use if your skin has cuts or abrasions, blemishes or moles or on broken or irritated, inflamed or sunburned skin, postpone use until skin is fully healed. Wait 24 hours between using the cream bleach on the same area. Do not expose yourself to intense or prolonged sunlight for at-least an hour after application. Keep the containers tightly closed.


  • Cream Bleach : Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Emulsifying Wax, Glyceryl Monostearate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Stannate, Ortho Phosphoric Acid, Di-sodium EDTA.
  • Activator Powder : Per-sulfates, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium/Xanthan Gum, Fragrance, Golden Dust, Color

Available Sizes :

  • 250g (Bleach Cream 220g + 30g Activator Powder)
  • 800g (Bleach Cream 700g + 100g Activator Powder)


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