It is enriched with Fruit Extracts, Almond Oil & Olive Oil that provides all-day moisturization and lock’s skin moisture that improves skin texture and leaves your skin feeling supple & smooth.

How of Use : Apply massage cream evenly all over the face & neck, massage gently for 3-5 minutes using anti-clock & clock-wise strokes.

Ingredients : Aqua, Ceto-Cetyl Alcohol, G.M.S, Stearic Acid, L.L.P, Glycerin, T.E.A, Di-Sodium-EDTA, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Herbal Essential Oil, Mix Fruit extracts, Preservatives, Vitamin-E, Color, Fragrance

Available Sizes : 190g, 400g & 800g


2 reviews for CORLIN FAIRGLOW Mix Fruit Massage Cream

  1. Niyati Hede

    Who else bought it on Mira Kapoor’s recommendation? Very good moisturizer and the quantity omg is huge. Skin feels soft and smell is also pleasant. Must buy

  2. Tusha

    Mira Kapoor’s recommendation made me buy this creams and no regrets at all … such smooth texture leaves my skin fresh and soft with every use
    Surprise element- the box is so big I thought it will be like any other small pack but no it’s huge!!! Loved it in every way- packing, quantity, texture❤️

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