Simple ways to Repair damaged hair with Corlin Herbals.

Simple ways to Repair damaged hair with Corlin Herbals.

Change your hair care routine to be gentler. You should conduct some research prior to purchasing your Shampoo, Conditioner, and Serum. Washing, conditioning, and hydrating the hair are essential steps in any hair care routine.

1. Cleansing hair with Keratin Repair Shampoo

One of nature’s wonderful hair products is Hydrolyzed Keratin which is based on plants. Your hair’s cuticle might be penetrated by it to heal hair damage. Plant Keratin is regarded as a superb moisturizer and can help restore the moisture your hair protein has lost. Hydrolyzed Keratin is a treatment to moisturize parched hair and taming frizz.

2. CORLIN FAIRGLOW Keratin Repair Conditioner

These Vital natural oils like Almond Oil, Olive Oil & Jojoba Oil are present as natural softening agents in our hair care Conditioner.

  • Add shine & bounce.
  • Prevent breakage & split ends.
  • Transforms dry, rough, tangled into glossy & shiny hair.
  • De-tangled hair from brittle hair to silky,
  • Fights with fizzy hairs.

3. Hydrate Hair with Professional Gloss Hair Serum

The significance of hydrating can be emphasized enough to hair. The shield of Professional Gloss Hair Serum protects hair from heat styling, manages frizz, and leaves your hair shiny. Apply serum to the ends of your hair as a general rule. It can make the hair appear greasy when applied to the scalp. Split ends that are not treated can lead to dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Getting your hair cut every six to eight weeks is a good grade to cut your hair to get rid of or prevent split ends.

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